Battleship Potemkin-COPY

by anonymous

Ad for the movie Battleship Potemkin with silhoutted revolutionaries abord the conquered ship.1925.

Battleship Potemkin was a Sovkino project to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the 1905 uprising. The original idea had been to make an epic covering the entire story of the abortive revolution, but 27-year old Sergei Eisenstein, one of the eight filmmakers assigned to the project, conceived the idea of reducing the entire thing to the single episode of the revolt on the Potemkin in Odessa harbor. It became one of the most acclaimed Soviet films of all time, and it made Eisenstein an international cult figure. This uncredited design, silhouetting the agitated crew of the vessel, as well as the Potemkin herself, is one of the earlier promotional images for the film, indicated by the complete title, which became more concise as the opus status as a classic blossomed. The text above the ship announces a three-week run, commencing on Sunday, November 1, 1925, at the Goskino Theater.

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